Dogaboni 2019 Charitable Intentions

We Love Non-Profits and Giving!

A majority of our business comes from non-profits, AND WE LOVE THAT!  We LOVE non-profits and their passion and drive.  Our owner is a real nerd about it actually.  

This year we will be participating in a bigger way with at least two non-profits that are near and dear to our hearts: Alissa's Hope and Autism Speaks.  You can learn more about each of these fine organizations below. 

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We hope to create a walk-a-thon team of our favorite get your walking shoes on and get ready to join us! 

Non-Profits We Are Gonna Love On This Year!

Alissa's Hope!


A local, 100% volunteer ran 501c3, supporting cancer patients in the St. Louis area.  Alissa's Hope has numerous events throughout the year and we will be making special shirts and launching a shirt store for them quarterly.  Be sure you are on our subscriber list so you always see our Alissa's Hope announcements. Learn more about Alissa's Hope here.

Autism Speaks


Our walk-a-thon of choice this year will be the Autism Speaks Walk, typically held in October.  We will be raising money and getting our team together WAYYYYY before then.  Join us!  Be sure you are on our subscribers list so you stay informed about our Autism Speaks efforts. 

Learn more about their mission here.

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