Dogaboni Order Flow


Step One


Decide approximately what you need. Call or Email us for a quote. 

Here's what you'll need to know: 

1. How many shirts or items. 

2. What style or item. 

3. How many colors and prints on each item and how many locations.

4. The date you will pick up your order.

Step Two

Once your quote is accepted, then we schedule a time for your items to be printed. This requires one of two things....

1. A 50% deposit to begin working on your awesome order...providing you know what items you want and all the sizes needed.. If you have not selected 

apparel or printables yet, we can still begin your artwork...see #2. 

2. A $50 non-refundable art deposit...which will be credited towards your total order. This allows us to get started on your artwork while we are waiting on your item choices. 

Your Artwork : The DESIGN YOU WANT

Artwork is customized for each order that comes through the door on a daily basis.  Our artist will send you artwork for your approval as soon as he completes it.  It's very important that your artwork is begun asap and important that once you receive an email from our artist that you approve and ask for revisions as soon as possible.  To approve, simply reply "approved" to the email.  To make changes, call the office asap. 


No worries.  We've got you covered.

We can take care of unforeseen additional needs.  Or maybe the weather changed and you decided to add jackets to your worries.  Keep in mind that we will have to reset your screen and there will be a small charge for that. Call the office for a quote on additional pieces and fees.