Meet Our Office Team

Jeffrey Stephen


Jeffrey Stephen

Part owner, life-long artist, and in the screen printing industry for 23 years! Jeff is our graphic designer and he knows his stuff!  All artwork you see on our site, in our shop, on & our social media pages, has been created by this talented man. Jeff is a musician, a dad, and is silly.  He has strong political views, so his office is tucked away in the back of the shop!  lol! Jeff approves all the actual printing that goes out the door.  This means he inspects the test print before the printers continue on with a job.  Jeff is a professional artist that produces high-quality results.  If you need a logo for your business, or a design for your apparel, Jeff is  your guy.  

WOO!  Jeff gets it done! 

Mary Fricking Kane


Mary Kane

Part-owner, our visionary, a mom-preneur, expert networker & marketing freak, professional giver, solution seeker, and sometimes jacked up on too much caffeine.  Mary started this business as a family business with her daughter and ex-husband (both graphic artists) as her excuse to start an artsy-fartsy business....when in reality, she has a passion for small business, entrepreneurship, printing, fundraising, schools, and non-profits...DOGABONI IS THE PERFECT BUSINESS to keep her hands in ALL of that in her favorite community.  Mary is an expert at creating win-win scenarios for our customers and vendors. She has a knack for if you need to raise funds, get to one of Mary's fundraising workshops!  Mary loves her business and intends to make it a valuable part of Belleville and surrounding areas.  

WOO!  Mary Fricking Kane is in the house! 



This woman is a fricking SAINT!  Magan holds this place together!  She basically manages the owners.  LOL!  (and not lol) If you call, most likely Magan will answer the phone to give you a quote or check the status of your order. Magan is creative, solution-oriented, DELIGHTFUL, funny, and a talented organizer of EVERYTHING!  The fun thing about Magan is that she is adventurous and this business that is a HUGE bonus.  Whether we are out on one of our giving campaigns, or she is discussing someone's order with them, being adventurous and fearless is really handy!  The other thing you are going to LOVE about Magan, besides how smart she is,  is that she is hilarious and witty....which also comes in handy in this industry!  An artist by nature, an organizer by nature, Magan is the perfect fit for whatever she does here...which is just about everything!  

WOO!  Magan is a fricking rock star!  




Mike is proof that there is a GOD!!!

We are blessed to have the absolute best printer in town. Mike is a professional printer, with high standards and gets our apparel printed swiftly.




Tracy is our newest office assistant. She is jumping in with both feet while Magan is teaching her how to manage the owners!  LOL! 

Tracy is great at building relationships and reaching out to the community. Our shop is getting a whole new spin on it because of Tracy. She brings a fresh set of eyes to organizing, marketing, and communicating.

Welcome Aboard Tracy! 

Are you a printer?


We are always looking to add to our team. If you have printing experience, then be sure to pop in and meet us sometime.  We'd love to see if we are a good fit for your printing experience.  We work hard, we laugh a lot, we celebrate each other, and then we do it all over again.  

"It is our privilege to create awesome imprints in a positive, and honest environment, all while having a blast doing so!!" 

If you can hang with that statement, then you might want to check us out.